OHMIGOD!!!! I am soo excited!!!!!!! Dreams are coming true and worlds are finally colliding. Nick Carter will be competing on this season of Dancing With the Stars on ABC. I’ve always been a fan of DWTS. While I was growing up, my sister competed in competitive ballroom dancing while she was away at college. When she would come home for breaks, she would break down the basic steps of all the dances.  She had also taught me how to figure out what kind of dance went along to any kind of song by counting along to the beat and whatnot.  I have been watching DWTS since the first season aired. Once they started to bring on members from different boy bands i thought to myself, “Hey, why hasn’t a member of the Backstreet Boys done a season of it.”

Yeh thats right, I’m a Backstreet Boys fan. I always have and always will be a DIE HARD BSB fan. And naturally growing up, Nick Carter was my ultimate celebrity crush.  And in recent years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all of the members multiple times. I am over the moon ecstatic that Nick is finally doing the show.  Apparently he has been approached to do it for the past 4 seasons, but between his schedule with the guys and his own side projects he hadn’t had the time.  Thankfully  its happening this season.

My prediction on his success on the show is that he is going to at least end up in the semi-finals.  All past boybanders have ended up there. They’re crowd pleasing to the predominately female audience.  Nick doubts his dancing skills, but c’mon the guy has been dancing all of his life. He also has a very competitive streak in him. I witnessed it myself on the beach in the Bahamas when i got to participate in a volleyball game with him and Brian.. I was on Nick’s team.  Unfortunately we lost that round.

check out that booty doe
check out that booty doe


i even think he will do better than when his little brother Aaron was on the show.  His brother competed on Season 9 and ended up being 5th, but his little brother also doesn’t have the fan power that Nick does. Of course the only way Nick is going to make it so far besides relying and learning and fine tuning his dancing skills, is by fans voting for him to go to the top.  Nick will dominate that dance floor.  He may have some trouble loosening up his hips for the latin dances, but I’m sure his friends Joey Fatone and Drew Lachey (past competitors) Howie D. and Kevin (bandmates) can give him plenty of tips.

I of course will be blogging every week after the monday night episodes about all of the competitors for this season. The whole cast of Season 21 of Dancing with the Stars will be announced on September 2.  The two night premiere event is September 14 on ABC at 8pm EST.

Watch Nick Whip and Nae Nae