One of my biggest pet peeves with people is when they are blatant hypocrites.  They say, believe, say and practice one thing and place judgement on people who go against it, all the while they’re actions follow the latter.  My grew up with a hypocrite, known as my mother.  She stated that she followed the Catholic Church and preached to me, while I was growing up, about pre-marital sex, lying, and a whole host of other things, and yet i came to find out that she was totally having sex when she was a teenager and all she did was make up lies and stir up drama with friends and family constantly. She would actually make me watch television shows that featured “troubled kids” highlighting that my actions would lead me down their path and then force me to watch “19 Kids and Counting” when it first aired, although she didn’t necessarily agree with every extreme ideal.

As a result, I ended up interested in the show, mainly because i could not fathom that people like that still existed in the 21st century.  They hide their children in this tiny bubble where they are unable to explore the and fully experience the world with a completely open mind and yet they expose them to strangers to “spread the word of the bible” because just about anything can be fixed by it. I always felt that was a load a bullshit.  No one is perfect and i knew all along that of one or more of those kids was going to fuck up somehow or that one of their kids was gay, which i mean can still happen because they have way too many kids.

And what do you know, I was right all along.  I wasn’t surprised that Josh had fondled young girls. When people live in sexually repressed homes, things tend to get out of control once hormones go into effect and curiosity gets the best of them. However,  the fact that he went after his own sisters is disturbing. I understand the cute family friend or even the cousin that you only see once in a while, but your two sisters? And they had to lock the door so that Josh couldn’t get to them? Thats fucking creepy as shit.  And his penance was to be sent away to this other pedophile and do hard labor? How does that teach him anything?  Does that teach him that when girls say no to anything that you don’t continue? Did his sisters get the proper psychological care that they needed when these events took place? Did he get proper psych evaluation?  How would this have played out if the roles were reversed and it was one of the girls doing the molesting? Would the treatment of how their parents “handled it” been any different? Would her punishment be more or less harsh? Would she also be written off by her community for just being crazed with hormones? No she would be deemed as some sort of strumpet in the christian community and would be unfit for marriage or whatever bullshit.

It also makes me sad and concerned that his sisters forgave him for his behavior and actions. That’s very unsettling to me.  It makes me think that they were never in the right mindset about it and that maybe they still fully can’t grasp the severity of the situation. It’s like they have a weird case of Stockholm Syndrome.

The cherry on top of this lovely, succulent cake is that Josh Duggar was the first celebrity to be outed by the Ashley Madison hack.  The guy had TWO separate accounts from February 2013 to May of 2015, coincidentally right when the first scandal broke. He spend close to $1000 including $250 for an “affair guarantee”  Basically that meant that if he was guaranteed to have an affair within the first three months of his membership and if he didn’t he would get that money back. His list of preferences sound super creepy: “Conventional Sex,” “Experimenting with Sex Toys,” One-Night Stands,” “Open to Experimentation,” “Gentleness,” “Good With Your Hands,” Sensual Massage,” “Extended Foreplay/Teasing,” “Bubble Bath for 2,” “Likes to Give Oral Sex,” “Likes to Receive Oral Sex,” “Someone I Can Teach,” “Someone Who Can Teach Me,” “Kissing,” “Cuddling and Hugging,” “Sharing Fantasies,” “Sex Talk.”

He also has admitted that he had been watching a lot of porn during this time and it became an addiction and he acts like that thats the worst part. Watch all the porn you want buddy. its the rule of “Look, but don’t touch”.  How is it that you were the head of some Christian family council, whatever that is, and you preach about not having sex out of wedlock and pretty much only having sex to pro create and yet you don’t go on Ashley Madison once and sign up, but TWICE and you also have an OKCupid account.  Like how many women actually met him on these sites? Did any of them recognize him? Was he actually successful at all? Why has no one come out about this? Did he give them hush money? How does your WIFE who birthed FOUR FUCKING CHILDREN FROM YOUR PIECE OF SHIT SPERM FEEEL ABOUT THIS?!  Would he ever had confessed this if he wasn’t actually caught? Did he ever feel any sort of guilt for cheating or attempting to cheat on his wife? Well, he didn’t attempt, he did. Whether or not he was successful in the actual act of having sex with another woman, he was doing things that he had to hide from his wife, his job, and his family.

I read an article that stated that her brother is super upset at Josh and has offered Anna to come move in with him along with her kids. Unfortunately Anna, so far, has said no.  Let’s back track on Anna’s life.  She, herself, was home-schooled in the same way that the Duggars are/was. She was taught to be submissive and that DIVORCE ISN’T AN OPTION.  So she’s supposed to stick by her assbag of a husband for the rest of her life and live in constant fear that he will continue to cheat on her? What kind of woman power is that? And women want to live in a society where they have to ask for power instead of demanding it? What kind of bullshit is that?

The sad truth is that even if she would leave Josh, even with her brother’s help, it would be very hard for her to move on without him.  Her education wasn’t good growing up and she has no work experience whatsoever. Her parents set her up for failure. Her parents set her up to live this sad and miserable life. If she did find a job, it would be minimum wage and no matter where you live in this country, you can’t live on minimum wage once you factor in the necessities of life and that’s by yourself. Doing it with four kids would be impossible. Sure, she’s has been and is in the public eye now and I’m sure that if someone set up a GoFundMe people would donate, but it would be people like me who are liberal and believe that women should be able to stand on their own two feet. The people within her church and her community wouldn’t help because they look down on divorce.  If things were the other way around and it was Anna who was cheating, what would the Duggars be saying about their daughter-in-law? Would her sister-in-laws be quoting Bible verses about forgiveness? Probably not. Women are not equal in those kind of eyes. They are less than. And after all of the shit that they do for their men, thats a fucking crying shame.  Josh should be on his knees begging his WIFE not Him, but his WIFE to accept his apology. I hope she never forgives him for it. i hope she hangs this over his head for the rest of his life and I hope she changes herself for the better and becomes a stronger woman and teaches her children to not fall into the shadow of their good-for-nothing father.

I’ve been in relationships where i found out that i had been cheated on and it hurt. Why wasn’t I good enough for him? Why wouldn’t he just break up with me if he wanted to be with someone else? Though technically both times i found out that previous boyfriends had cheated, i also sought revenge. The first one had cheated on me with one of my best friends and instead of him taking ME to his senior prom and my junior prom, he took her. After they left his prom they went and had sex and that was her first time ever.  So the night after i somehow convinced him to hang out with me and I banged the shit out of him, knowing fully well that it would get back to her. She deserved it. She shouldn’t have started fooling around with my boyfriend, Instead she should have grown some fucking balls and told me. The other time i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me, he wouldn’t admit to it when i asked him.  But before i asked him (there was hard core proof anyway) i cheated on him with an ex boyfriend out of anger and revenge. I threw that in his face.  Basically, DONT FUCK WITH ME.  If i was married and found out that my husband was on Ashley Madison, or any other dating site for that matter,  i would make his life a living hell.  I guess Anna has a different kind of strength to sit there and bear it. I just hope that in the end, she makes the best decision for her and her children, regardless of what her family, community and church thinks seems appropriate.