Writer’s block is the absolute worst thing ever.  Sometimes I just get the urge to write, but I can’t think of anything to write about. Or worse, knowing that you have to write something for someone or a particular event and you have this deadline looming in the background constantly I don’t think I’m very good at coming up with stories on my own. I usually take inspiration from my personal experiences, but I have issues with disconnecting myself and creating new characters, conflicts, and translating the story into something different than the way it actually happened. I think that’s why I prefer to blog about myself or about my friends’ experiences.

Some days words just flow out and I can be done with a post in ten minutes.  It probably has a bunch of spelling and grammatical errors, but at least my thoughts came out and are somewhere other than my mind.  I have days where I’m sitting here in front of my laptop with intentions to write.  It could be for the Writing or Blogging classes here on WordPress, or for the dailypost. Ive sat here for a couple hours sometimes and I can’t get a word out.

There was a daily post the other day that I found super intriguing.  It was about if two characters from two books met.  The characters could come from fiction or non fiction.  I wanted to do it and make a post so badly.  My idea was to to have Tris from the Divergent series and Katniss from The Hunger Games series meet.   Two bad ass girls that stood up against their rulers in dystopian/futuristic lands. If I could’ve gotten them to meet somehow and have a dialogue.  I didn’t know how I would’ve wanted that to end, let alone begin.

I just watched that line blink on my screen over and over again.  I eventually got frustrated with myself.  I couldn’t even make up a scenario with already established characters!!!  Then I remembered something.  All of the major writers have gotten writers block.  Especially authors who have giant series.  JK Rowling didn’t write the whole Harry Potter series in a day. I’m sure she spent many nights begging her noggin to come up with something new for each book.  Everyone has got to start out somewhere.

It still irritates me that I can’t get this Katniss and Tris scenario down.