I typically need to be alone to write.  At least that’s the case when I’m blogging about more personal things.  I have this privacy issue that stems from my childhood.  My mother used to read my diary entries growing up.  I eventually found out and started making up things, things I knew that she wouldn’t approve of.   When we got a desktop in the house, my mother would constantly hover over my shoulder. I had no breathing room. No trust.  She always used to say that “privacy was a privilege” but I was never really actually doing anything that warranted the relentless breathing down my neck.

Sitting in a comfy spot is a must.  Either on the couch, in bed, or the chaise lounge in my bedroom.  Any place that will let me unwind and open up my thoughts.  Even though I like to be alone when I write, I don’t need it to be quiet. I could be listening to music or have the TV on in the background.  Though the TV tends to distract me.  I always end up getting engrossed in what’s on the screen for 15 minutes and can lose my train of thought.

So far I’ve only written on my laptop.  I haven’t given writing on my iPhone a chance yet.  There hasn’t been a moment where I absolutely have to blog about something on such a whim. I also haven’t been so on-the-go recently in order to have to do it on the app either.  Recently I’ve been spending a lot of my time at home with my injury so I’ve had extra leisurely time on my hands. It makes planning to blog easier since I always have the time.  I just hope that when i can get busy with my life again that make the decision to carve out the time to blog.  Even if I’m forced to blog in unappealing situations.