In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

I have a place to live, but i can’t say that I can call it mine. So I’m going to compile a list of things that I would like in my own home that would surely make me feel at home.

  1. Giant, comfy couch with tons of cozy blankets and pillows for binge watching Netflix, movie marathons, and the much needed afternoon napping.
  2. Claw foot soaking tub with a window overlooking the beach/ocean that my property stands on. Must have a wine glass holder, and something to prop up a book and hold any necessary bath-time accessories. Rubber duckies may or may not be included.
  3. My own reading room, with the walls covered in books from floor to ceiling and rich mahogany, a leather chaise lounge and a stone fireplace from renaissance times. And over the mantle will be a family crest and two swords crossing.  Also torches or lanterns on either side.
  4. A personal wine cellar with temperature control and an endless supply of cheese and bread to go along with the many wine tastings i would be having.
  5. King size temperpedic mattress dressed with the finest linens and supporting pillows.
  6. Window seats all around the house so I can sit and drink tea and think or write or when i get sick of all of the rich wood and burning embers in my reading room, to read something a little more light hearted.