One minute I was fine, laughing with my friends & having a grand old time. The last thing I remembered was saying goodbye to two friends that had to catch a train back home.  The rest was a mystery to me. Apparently i had been causing a ruckus at the bar.  I was grabbing people inappropriately, trying to make out with all of my friends.  I kept slipping and falling down. I had to be carried out of the place. I only had 3 drinks in a span of 4 hours, from what I remembered.  My stomach was in knots on the drive home. I tried telling him to pull over, but my words kept slurring & he couldn’t understand me. I vomited inside of my car.  It tasted worse coming up than when it did going down. I couldn’t put things together the next morning, until I looked up symptoms. I was roofied.