I have been MIA.  My life has been uneventful and my thoughts have been filled with “I can’t wait to take a nap” and then proceeding to pass out for four hours.  I had intentions of blogging my thoughts about some of my favorite fall TV shows when I first started this blog, however, THERE ARE TOO MANY GOOD TV SHOWS.  I can barely keep up with watching all of them when they air.  Not to mention that I would have to be awake and coherent if I tried to blog about them right after they air. So I will try to do this on a weekly basis.  Cross your fingers that this will work out.

On Dancing With the Stars it was TV theme week. Kim had to withdraw, due to her health, for the competition.  But also, they have been past stars who did not perform in the live showing, but were able to use their scores from the previous week because of an injury or whatever.  It’s not necessarily her fault that she couldn’t fly to make it there in time.  Had her doctor not been so last minute with his news, she would’ve driven out to LA.  I can’t believe Gary Busey is still in the running on this show.  His performances are always an eyesore, but I’ll give him this, that man has got spirit.  Paula Deen also seems to be stumbling around week after week.  During her rehearsal footage she kept complaining that she was tired. Well Paula, you’re old. You’re gonna be tired and you’re not going to remember the steps that well when you’re old and tired.  Please be gone.  It was a shocker to find that Andy Grammer was in jeopardy of being booted off of the show.  He seems to be doing well for someone who doesn’t have any dance in his background, though he did struggle with his quickstep this week.  Lets hope his fans can pull through with the voting so that he can stick around a few more weeks.  Alek always surprises me week after week with his performances.  He is turning out to be quite the man and anyone who dons fangs for a True Blood number is a hottie (and winner) in my book. The best dance of the night was, by far, Nick and Sharna’s Viennese Waltz to the Downton Abbey theme song.  It was beautiful and poignant and when the number was over I realized that it brought me to tears. He tied for the highest score of the night with Alexa and her Breaking Bad number, which was a very creative routine, but I’m not into the jazz routines.  I like the traditional ballroom and latin dances.

As far as series premiers go, Scream Queens was awesome, in my opinion.  It was classic Ryan Murphy material.  People seem to be confused with whether or not its supposed to be a comedy or a horror series.  I don’t understand why people cannot comprehend that its supposed to be a comedic horror. Its hilarious that someone dies while face to face texting the killer.  I also find it fabulous that Nick Jonas’ character is 1) gay and 2) one of the villains. (Sorry for that spoiler) Lea Michele’s character is so freaking creepy in so many different ways and still has a bit of Rachael Barry in it. Though it seems obvious who the killer is, it’s probably not.  That would be too easy.  At this point it could be anybody.  I have my suspicions though.  I think its the mother/lawyer of the sorority.  She is fundamentally stuck in the ’90s, as far as her fashion goes, due to a traumatic experience.  Or it could be the boyfriend. He does get turned on when dead bodies are mentioned. I’m looking forward to catching the third episode tonight.

Once Upon A Time kicked off it’s fifth season this past Sunday.  They introduced Merida (Disney’s Brave) and we are in the land of Camelot and King Arthur. We learned that King Arthur was able to pull Excalibur from the stone, but the infamous sword was missing its tip.  The tip is the Dark One’s dagger.  Personally I didn’t see this coming at all and I find it interesting that the writers were able to put yet another twist into this show. Emma is struggling with turning completely dark as it is still in the early stages of her being The Dark One and I get why.  She still thinks of herself as The Savior, but I think she should embrace it and use the evil for good. That probably won’t happen, however it’ll still be fun to see Emma with a bad attitude and short temper. It’s very rare to see a character get to be completely different from when a series began.  By the end of the episode, its six weeks later and no one has any recollection of the time that has passed while they were in Camelot.   The writers are sure to keep us on our toes, as per usual.

How To Get Away With Murder also made its season premier this past week.  We found out who killed Rebecca and that was quite the shock.  I had no clue Bonnie had that in her.  I feel horrible for Sam.  He thinks Rebecca just ran off and doesn’t want to be bothered and he’s heartbroken over it, but then it also looks like that he has the hots for his professor. Which, I know they’re all adults at this point with it being law school and all, however, its still kind of wrong on a professional level. The practice is trying to take one a new case where the crime didn’t occur at Analise’s house and we also find out that she dabbled in being a lesbian back in the day when her former lover tries taking over Nate’s case in the murder of Analise’s husband.  It’s a good thing we all know that he didn’t do it, thought it still doesn’t sit well that she framed him for it in the first place.  This show also does a fast forward to two months and we find Analise lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood after we hear a gun shot and see Sam running away from a house. This is mildly disturbing.

Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story Hotel, Saturday Night Live and Undatelable are making their comebacks soon, only adding to my watchload.  I have a show to watch literally EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK. Bye bye social life.  I hope I don’t fall behind too much.

If anyone wants to talk more in depth about any of the shows that I’ll be blogging about, please do not hesitate to comment or contact me.