Not that I think it really matters, but I missed my weekly posting by a day, so those of you who actually care, sorry. Updating and reformatting my resume seemed a little bit more important. But in all honesty, I’d be doing the same thing as I did last week in regards to recapping two Scream Queens episodes instead of just one. It’s really no biggie, but more and more shows are coming on. Tonight is the premiere of American Horror Story:Hotel. It’ll probably be so good that I’ll probably want to post about it tomorrow, depending on personal circumstances. Stay tuned for it. Follow my blog on WordPress or by email. You could also follow my Twitter. Now that the shameless self promoting is over with, let’s begin!!!! SPOILER WARNINGS!!!!!!!

So, Sleepy Hollow finally premiered. God I missed this show, and Ichabod Crane’s outdated terminology. There’s just something about a British guy talking like he’s from another time that does it for me. That might be one of the reasons why I love Ren Faires so much, but back to the show. Ichabod was in jail and Abbie is now an agent with the FBI.. Are they not going to address that they got sent back in time from last season? How did they escape that? This needs to be a point in the near future, writers. During their time apart, Ichabod, before he became a hot jailbird, travelled back to Europe to go visit some of his dead ancestors, and found a tablet from about 5000 years ago that basically summed up that Abbie and Ichabod are forevermore partners in apocalyptic crime. There’s this demon that has been killing people that is fueled by shared anger, and your not supposed to shoot it until you see “The whites of their eyes.” Sounds familiar right? Well apparently that old saying from the Revolutionary War wasn’t pertaining to the British soldiers, but to this demon who was feeding off of all of this hatred within the region. That’s when its most vulnerable and can be destroyed. We also learned that Betty Ford was a secret badass who went about as a secret messenger and went on all sorts of dangerous and classified missions. Who would’ve thought when in a time when women didn’t have brains to be doing shit like that? Oh and the bitch that summons this demon is going to be bad news. The whole episode we don’t know who she is, she just keeps on doing shady shit and has a box and spews out spells. Come to find out in the very end of the episode, her name is Pandora as she’s standing at a bar with Abbie, and Abbie is all light hearted about her name. Like, HELLO!!!!! CRAZY SHIT HAS BEEN GOING ON!!!! YOU DON’T SUSPECT ANYTHING? AREN’T YOU A COP? This part really frustrated me, as you can clearly tell by all of the capitalization.

On How To Get Away With Murder, always doing their flash forwards, started out the episode with Sam running into Laurel and Mikaela and we find out that Connor is inside trying to stem the bleeding from Annalise’s gunshot wound, saying that she “asked for it” WHAT????? Literal mouth drop. Two month’s earlier, the grandmother, and key witness, to the Hapstall siblings case its found dead in her car, with evidence connecting the grandson the homicide and both of the siblings are arrested, yet again. At Nate’s preliminary hearing, Annalise is called to the stand and prosecutor basically attacks her (verbally), claiming that with the help of Nate, Annalise killed her husband. Mikaela ends up meeting a guy at the court house, goes out on a date with him, and in the episode we see a flash of him from the previous season doing something questionable. He is going to be trouble for Mikaela and not in the fun way that she needs. She’s already too wound up about everything. Nate’s official hearing happens and Nate’s lawyer (and Annalise’s former girlfriend) also attacked Annalise and insinuated that she was the one who murdered her husband and is trying to make her boyfriend take the fall for it. Nate’s case gets thrown out of court and the prosecutor is now head of the Hapstall siblings case. Fast forward two months later, and the prosecutor is dead at the Hapstall residence, the same location and time that Annalise is bleeding out form a gunshot wound.. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN THESE TWO MONTHS?!

We’re starting to learn what happened in the six weeks that were spent in Camelot in Once Upon A Time, but first, Dark Emma has placed a new curse on the town of Storybooke. Crossing the town line turns you into a tree, Dopey unfortunately finds out. While in Camelot we meet Guinevere and the tree that Merlin is apparently stuck in. Regina asserts herself as The Savior and uses the dagger to hush Emma up, which makes her displeased. Emma ends up erasing everyone’s memories at Camelot eventually and shares that information with her son. Regina then vows to undo the curse and the memory lapse. Also, we find out that a bunch of people from Camelot have been transferred to Storybook and have been lost in the woods. Regina concludes that Emma brought Arthur and half of his court back for a reason and that there are going to be bigger fish to fry. Also, Arthur lost Excalibur during transport. Robin goes to collect firewood and is captured by an evil spirit and Regina tries to fight it, though she can’t take it on all alone and ends up defeated, losing her love. Back in Camelot, Emma is trying to figure out how to get Merlin out of a tree, and Regina explains why she stepped in and lied about being The Savior, so Emma didn’t have to use dark magic. King Arthur decides to hold a royal ball in The Savior’s favor. Regina is given a necklace by Sir Percival to wear to that night’s events. She then decides that she’s not going to be attending the ball due to the fact that she never learned how to dance. While Charming is teaching her a basic fox trot, w find out that the necklace is enchanted to spy and Sir Percival finds out that Regina has been faking the whole Savior thing. At the ball, Sir Percival tries to out Regina and attack her, but Robin being the guy that he is, swoops in and takes the fatal blow from the sword. Emma ends up being able to save Robin using her dark magic, but is warned that everything comes with a price. Regina confesses everything to Arthur and states that everyone deserves a second chance and that he wants to complete the dagger and help take down the Dark One. Hook tries to save Emma using True Love’s Kiss, but Emma just tries to seduce him. We find out that the demon that took Robin is from the Underworld and has come to collect her payment and drag Robin to the Underworld since he escaped death in Camelot. In order to save Robin, someone has to give their life. Regina rushes to rescue and offers her life and inspired by her ultimate sacrifice, Snow joins in, then Charming, Arthur, and Leroy. Emma has a conversation with Rumple about what holds the Dark Ones back, family, friends, love, and loyalty. We find out that Emma has Excalibur hidden in her basement, still in its stone. Even though she has the power to wield it out, its not that simple. But she plans to use it to make it whole again and suck all of the light out.

Saturday Night Live came back. Miley hosted, and then did some weird performances. But OMG ALL OF THE POLITICAL SKETCHES…..Can Hilary please win so we have 4 solid years of that impression? It was brilliant. And please America, stop doing things because it’s funny. We don’t really want Trump to win.

Dancing With the Stars’ theme was the Stars’ most memorable year. Gary went home. No surprise there. Most of the performances were just above sub-par. The two that stood out were Bindi and Derek’s dance as well as Nick and Sharna’s. Bindi’s performance brought me to tears. She dedicated her year to the year she lost her dad. The whole routine was basically a little girl playing and dancing with her daddy. I was a puddle of tears the whole time. It was beautiful. She received the first 10 of the season. Nick and Sharna’s dance was definitely the dance with the most energy. His most memorable year was when he joined the Backstreet Boys. They saved him and his dance was a giant thank you to his four bothers. It was also to Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) and the audience was standing around the stage like it was a concert and every female BSB fan wished that she was Sharna is these moments. It was an awesome performance. It also helped that there was a boyband cheering section! AJ McLean, Jeff Timmons, Joey Fatone, Jacob Underwood, Erik Micheal, and Trevor Pennick were all in the audience cheering Nick on from the front. It was super duper awesome and kind of fulfilled some of my wildest dreams personally.

Last week on Scream Queens the university announced their new masot Coney, who then got slaughtered almost immediately after. Gigi and Dean Munsch move into the sorority house, there are TWO devils who attack the boys in the street with Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) playing. That was the funniest part of the episode. One kid got his arms cut off like in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was quite the epic scene. Chad seems to be getting funnier with every episode and Neckbrace (Hester) got a Chanel make over and is now Chanel No. 6. This week’s episode premiered Chanel-oween.. In my opinion it was quite brilliant to spoof Taylor Swift. Zayday announces her run for Kappa Kappa Tau presidency and is throwing a Haunted House Fundraiser. The location of said, haunted house is the known location of The Hag of Shady Lane. Chad and Hester are lured to the house with the intention to hook up in such a creepy and funny way only to find that the house is riddled with all of the dead bodies to date. Pete and Denise research the Hag and also find one of the sorority sisters that was present during the that chilling night. The house becomes party central where everyone is fascinated that they use real dead human bodies.. I’m sorry but would’t the smell of decomposition be overbearing in that house with like 6 different dead bodies? Denise also confronts her father about possibly being the baby that was birthed in the bathtub, though her father denies it. Zayday get’s captured by the Red Devil and her fate is unknown. The Hag at Shady Lane apparently was raising a baby in that house one month after the bathtub incident and it’s revealed that Gigi is the Hag in the black cloak. I knew that woman had something to do with the kid after that night.

What were some of your favorite moments from the shows?