Im ticked off tonight.  Every time i get a moment of happiness, someone in my house has to bring me down.

I had a job interview today, and it went really well.  Its for a brand new restaurant in the city that I grew up in.  The restaurant itself is a sister store stemming from two previous restaurants in NY state with the same concept and food.  The head chef/owner has been on Chopped and won.  I was told to come back to do a shadow shift, something that is completely normal in the food industry.

My brother in law completely shat on it. He’s not aware how much a food server can make in Fairfield County.  He doesn’t believe that a restaurant that already has an established clientele will do well in a newly developed part of town with top notch restaurants and brand new apartments that attract young professionals with disposable income.  Which, by the way, the median income of a food server in this area is about 30,000 when working in a somewhat nice restaurant.

He also basically told me that I’m a fuck up. That I’ve been making a lot of mistakes (which I’m unsure what those would be.) He thinks I should stick to the job at the post office even if I am completely miserable there.  He’s (supposedly) worried about my ankle, even though I have more of a risk hurting myself working for the post office (uneven lawns, wet leaves, acorns, not-so seamless driveway to road, broken steps, aggressive dogs, driving a mail truck) than in a restaurant working in the front of house. My ankle isn’t going to get stronger unless I work on it, plain and simple. I can wear an ankle brace, it’s not like I haven’t done it before.. I can also take the train to work.  It’s a 10 minute walk from the train station to the restaurant, reducing my need to drive in bad weather, if need be.

I just wish that certain people would hold their tongue. I know that I’m good in food service, and honestly “desk jobs” don’t hire someone without some sort of degree, which is something I lack.  I have proven time and time again throughout my work history that I have moved my way up into the ranks, and usually I do it pretty fast.  So why does he have so little faith in me and my decisions? The great thing about restaurants is, there are always more restaurants that people can work.  Also, this place plans on cross-training every person in the front for every position, so I finally get to be a bartender, something that I’ve always wanted, but couldn’t find a place to do on the job training.  Instead of worrying, or acting like an asshole, why can’t he just be happy for me? Stop looking at what you think is “negative” and see the positive in everything.

I’m never going to have a “traditional job”.  I’m always going to go on the path less travelled, because I’m a creative type and thats what we do.  I like having different challenges thrown at me.  I hate monotony and the post office is full of it.  The same people say the same damn phrase at the same damn time every morning.  It’s the most annoying thing ever. I kind of want to punch 3/4 of the people at the post office. Mainly because they are all miserable old people or because most of what they say is the same gibberish I hear every single morning I walk in.  And that might just be the giant age gap that is between. Also because you’re never working as a team toward the same goal, its sort of “every man for himself” mentality,  I’ve wanted to punch past coworkers at Starbucks and the previous bakery I worked at, but it wasn’t all of them collectively, it was like one or two people at a time, mainly because they couldn’t “get” the job.  The easiest tasks were giant obstacle courses to them.  Or I found them to be extremely annoying. However, I’ve always worked with people around my age, give or take about 10 years. Being apart of a team that works together to reach its goal (which is clearly tip money) everyone grins and bears it because we all want the same end result. Also when you work around awesome food and drinks and people, staff tends to get along more.