Source: When did “alone” become a bad thing?


I enjoy eating alone as well.  It’s soothing.  My favorite is going to dinner by myself at a nice restaurant.  I’ll order wine and sit down and read a book. It’s comforting and apparently an anomaly to enjoy ones’ own company. I get to eat ALL of the bread in the basket.  I get to order whatever I want, take home all of the leftovers, and can always say yes to ordering dessert. (Because sometimes on dates when guys are jerks they say no to dessert even though they didn’t ask you, but thats when I decide I don’t like them anyway and interrupt and ask about whats on the dessert menu and proceed to order what I want anyway. Because fuck guys who pull that shit. You don’t get in my pants without including dessert in the meal plan) If you can’t enjoy your own company out on the town, how do you expect other people to like you?