I’ve been going on a lot of interviews recently, and as great as that sounds, its frustrating.  Being on the job hunt drains me physically and mentally. I read through all of these job postings every day and know that I have certain skills that they list and that I can acquire other skills if they just gave me a chance, but unfortunately most employers won’t even consider me without a degree. Its a stupid piece of paper that, in all honesty, doesn’t measure my intelligence or my skills as a worker.  Some of the dumbest people I know somehow got through college and graduated….George W. Bush comes to mind.  A C average student at Yale who (miraculously) became president, but could barely put two sentences together that seemed cohesive or made any fucking sense whatsoever.

It’s also frustrating that if I get to the interview and it seems like a job that I can handle and achieve, the pay is low.  What adult can live on $10 an hour?  To top it all off, I live in one of the most expensive parts of the country.  Gas prices are way higher than the national average, rent is through the roof, and not to mention ridiculous property taxes on my car, the high cost of health insurance, and loads of other expenses….These companies expect me to bust my ass for them, but it takes me a whole hour to afford a meal at McDonald’s? That’s just not right.  This country and states need to step up their game when it comes to approving an increase on minimum wage.

I like what Bernie Sanders has to say about this topic.  He states, and I’m paraphrasing, that if you work 40 hour workweek, you shouldn’t be living in a state of poverty. And high and mighty Republicans are like, just go to school and get a better job.  Most of us who are struggling financially, don’t have either the time or the money or combination of both, to go to school.  It’s all a catch 22.  Some of the most difficult jobs I’ve had are the ones where I’ve been paid the lowest.  Another argument that congress has on this subject is that if they increase minimum wage to $15 an hour, that companies would have to lay off  employees and businesses will close, and thats just not the case.  If people have more disposable income, they will eat out more, they will shop more, they can take time off, charge their battery, and perform better in the workplace.

Countries like the Netherlands and Switzerland and France only work 30-35 hour workweek. And any job that you have pays well.  The Netherlands also has free health care and free higher education which makes everything accessible to everyone whatever your upbringing was.  It’s countries like this that we should be looking to.   The Netherlands have the highest amount of happy people per capita.   Happy people means less crime and more money in the economy.

If I could afford to get a new passport, I’d be hopping on a plane and moving to the Netherlands and find someone to marry. Unfortunately I’m stuck here in the fucking US of A. The land that is supposed to be about freedom and doing whatever you want, but in hindsight is really about paying into the system so that the rich keep getting richer and the poor will remain poor unless a miracle happens.

If you’re against the minimum wage being $15 across the country, heres the thing. Even if everyone got an education and a degree and higher paying jobs, there are still going to be people who need to serve your food when dining out, theres still going to be people who need to clean up after your dirty asses in schools and hotels and restaurants. Don’t ever look down on the people who are doing you a service, more than likely they are harder workers than you’ll ever be and they really know the value of a dollar in this country.