I should be blogging more, but it’s hard when i have no inspiration or cause to write. I’m still continuing my search for a new job. I have applied to so many different places, that I seem to have lost track all together. I hate the ‘waiting it out” period to hear back.  A lot of jobs that I’ve applied to probably won’t even get back to me until next month, which is good and bad. I want to be done with the Post Office, I really do, unfortunately next month is going to be so busy with it being the holiday season. If anyone calls me in for an interview, theres a slim chance I’d be able to take time out of my day to go.  My goal of finding a job while I was on light duty has ultimately failed. It also really sucks when you do hear back from an employer and they reject you, even though you know you’re more than capable of owning the position you applied for. I just have to keep a positive mindset on this.. I will find a job that will replace what I have now.

I did get a delivery job with a new app thats in my area, but its so new that no one really knows about it and its still in beta testing, but hopefully it works out.  I was really hoping to get GrubHub and I sent in my background check info but I haven’t heard anything back, which I find odd.  Im perfectly capable of picking up food from a place and driving it to the orderer’s place of residence or business in the lower fairfield county area. It’s not rocket science, I think I got this. I just couldn’t promise that I won’t take a bite out of your food, kidding, kind of.

I hope that by the end of 2015 I can look at my bank account and see a comma, even if its just for like 10 minutes between getting it deposited and then having to pay bills.