Well, I’m finally back at work normally.  It has its pros and cons.

Pro: Money!  Though I still don’t have much now that I’m playing catch up with bills and the fact that my account is so badly in the negative that it brings tears to my eyes. Automatic payments are a blessing (since you’ll never miss one) and a curse (because they still take money even when you don’t have any and then Bank of America is all, “Ooh look you have overdrawn 3 times, here are three separate fees for the overdrawing making you poor” Which to me makes no sense. Why are you making me poorer than I already am? How is that helping me? Don’t you think that if I had money to deposit I would so I wouldn’t see the numbers in my bank account be such a bright right with a GIANT negative sign next to it? )

Con: I hate my job.  It’s exhausting, the postmaster has no fucking soul within his body, I’m surrounded by old people, the post office is illogical and its just all around depressing to be there and my uniform makes me look fucking awful. Seriously.  It looks like my body is just a giant box.  And its itchy and caused a rash to happen on my stomach.

Pro: I’m by myself most of the day and get to listen to all the show tunes and 90s pop a girl can ask for on her iPhone.

Con: Heavy packages.  Seriously heavy and huge. My arms only stretch out so wide. Not to mention that I have ginormous boobs that naturally get in the way

Pro: Less time at the office. Refer to reasons as to why i hate my job.

Con: Working Sundays and holidays doing Amazon Prime delivery. (Including Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years Day) Yeah..I’m not happy about that. I don’t mind working labor day or columbus day or veterans day, but holidays that are meant to be spent with “family” I would like to have off for matters of sleeping in, drinking heavily, and taking naps and watching corresponding tv specials. Is that so wrong?

Con: Working outdoors.  Which means layering up on clothes and the temperatures are only going to continue to drop. Theres only so much the truck heater can do when you have to keep one window open so you can distribute mail to the mailboxes.  Not to mention that I am not looking forward to driving an old ass truck in the freaking snow.  It’s a giant fear so cross your fingers for me that this winter, snowfall will be at a minimum, like dustings of snow.

Meanwhile, the whole time I wasn’t working I was applying to jobs like crazy.. If they wanted me the pay wasn’t high enough for me to be able to survive.  And the jobs I really wanted didn’t want to hire me.  And that blows because I am stuck at my job until I can find the time to apply and interview for new jobs.

Also this is the first day off I’ve had in 10 days and I don’t know when my next one will be. Actually wait,  I do know. Its more than likely the day that I said I couldn’t work because my sister got tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra’s christmas concert and the show is during the middle of the day on a Sunday. So that’s only a week and a half away, I can do it, right? I got this, sorta.